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Exchange service

Exchange service

1.  How to judge whether the goods support replacement before buying?

If the item supports replacement, it will be prompted in the service information area of the product details page: the item supports replacement, and the order can be exchanged within 7 days after the receipt of the order.

2.  exchange instructions:

•  The product only supports any size and color of the same item. It is not supported to apply for replacement of other styles. After the replacement application is submitted successfully, the replacement size/color cannot be modified.

•  If the original item has a size stock and you can apply for a replacement, you can change the other colors of the same item.
 For example: the original item A is red, and the item B is the same type of green.

(1)  If the goods A are in stock at the time of exchange, they can apply for any size of the goods A or B.

(2)  If the goods A are not stockable at the time of replacement, they cannot apply for replacement (the goods A or the goods B cannot be exchanged).

•  After submitting the exchange application, you can wait for the replacement of the goods before you can apply for the return of the goods (that is, the same item, cannot be returned and exchanged at the same time);

•  An order can only be applied for one replacement, and cannot be exchanged. If you need to replace more than one item, please submit the replacement information of multiple items at one time;

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